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How to grow followers on Instagram organically for your website


Gone were the days when people use to read magazines to see some really interesting pictures or to get style suggestions. Today Instagram is a hot favorite among every youngster as well as a business person too.

Instagram plays a major role in promoting your business online. As it allows you to run ads and boost your posts. This initiative helps to reach even more people. The more you’ll spend, the more your reach will be.

Instagram is all about how many followers you have. More followers symbolize more popularity of your brand among people. But getting followers on your account is not an easy task. By this, we are talking about real and organic followers (not fake and paid ones). Today, most of the youngsters tend to buy followers to gain popularity socially. But that’s not a suggestive method to gain popularity. Neither those paid followers are useful for you. As they are the ones whose accounts have been deactivated, or they are not frequently active on Instagram.

Once you learn how to grow Instagram followers organically, you find out the difference between a paid follower and a real one. 

Here is a list of suggestions recommended for you to grow your Instagram following organically:

Focus on Quality (Followers):

Today, most of the teenagers and youngsters want to be popular and want to have thousands of followers on their profile. They don’t want to work on their posts or content, all they want to have is a huge following. And this desire motivates them to take the shortcut by buying fake followers. They don’t even know that those fake followers are not even active on Instagram. And those followers can’t see their posts. Instead of showing their posts to the relevant audience they choose to buy fake followers which results in a lack of engagement in their posts.
And not only youngsters, but many of the business account holders also try such practices, which is not at all beneficial for their business. Maintaining the quality of followers is the basic thing which all of us have to understand. The genuine followers are most likely to engage with your posts and for business accounts, the genuine followers can be really helpful to get conversions.

Focus on Quality (Posts):

Instagram is the place where people come to see some really interesting pictures with some relevant message. Instagram is all about the quality of posts. If your post is interesting with relevant and meaningful caption and appropriate hashtags then it’s most likely to be appreciated by your audience.

For improving the quality of a post you must consider these points:

1) Put Images First:

Instagram is all about images. You don’t need to write much, neither your audience is interested in reading those huge texts. Just a picture is enough to express your words. Always try to post high quality and interesting pictures. This will surely help to make your profile stronger and will increase your organic followers.

2) Be bold and make your posts too:                         

Using bold colors in your pictures is really beneficial to make your post out of the box. Dull images are most likely to be scrolled down in newsfeed by the audience. Always try to play with bold colors in your pictures to make your post even more attractive.

4) Choose a theme:

Choosing a particular theme of your profile is really helpful for creating your brand recognition. If your posts are in a sequence of colors in images, then it will help your audience to recognize your brand. And this is really beneficial for creating a brand image and identity.

5) Use editing tools:

Editing your post is sometimes a great option. Editing if done in a decent way can be really impactful. Using some decent filters can bring the best out of an average picture.

6) Stay active, post frequently:

By posting on a regular basis, you can build your credibility among current as well as new followers. People are more likely to follow those accounts who post on a daily basis. And after some time people also start expecting good content from you and if you successfully meet their expectation. The chances are that your followers start recommending your page to their friends too.

7) Use relevant hashtags in your post:

Hashtags play a major role in building your organic following. Most people are still unaware about the use and benefits of adding hashtags in their posts. And many still believe that hashtags are just a matter of afterthought, which is meant to add after each caption.

Hashtags are used to symbolize similar interests. By adding hashtags in your post, you become a part of a particular community or a group. And your post starts appearing in that particular community among people with similar interests. And when your post start appearing to new people with a common interest, your chances of getting more engagement on a post and getting more refined and genuine followers to increase.

8) Give people what they want to see:

Try to focus on topics that are trending and which most of the people want to see. And design your post accordingly. Give people a reason to follow you. Try to deliver interesting tips, tricks and daily hacks that are helpful in their day to day life. These types of posts are more likely to attract a huge number of people. Because here, people get to know some cool and interesting new things. Also, appeal to your followers to suggest topics on which they expect to get content from you. And work on that content and try to deliver it as soon as possible. This will help you to build trust for your brand among followers. From the past many years, Social media has become an important part of all of our lives.

Today, Instagram holds account of over 800 million users. And every user wants to get popular by having a rich follower base. For this, most of the people don’t want to work hard by improving the quality of their posts. Also, this is the reason why people take shortcuts and buy fake followers. Which are not worth it. The happiness and satisfaction come by seeing your followers increasing organically by the hard work you did on your page are just incomparable.