Benefits of Social Media
Benefits of Social Media Marketing
March 4, 2019
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March 28, 2019

What Is SEO and how can it help you generate leads for your business online?

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As we are talking about growing a business, the most treasured requirement is quality leads. Your business growth and your leads both go hand-in-hand. You cannot achieve one without another. As the day is passing by, people are going more active online and they believe what they see. Like the old days, you cannot grow your leads and sales by making phone calls. Because online marketing is mushrooming day by day, you need to develop and bring your business online.

Now what happens when you bring your business and services online??

This is a fast-growing and competitive world. You are not alone to sell your services online. Here comes the adoption of SEO. The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps you rank your webpage/website to be visible on the first page of the Search Engine result page or SERP’s.

Now let us know why ranking is important?

Now let us assume if someone is searching for a particular product. The user will be shown a handful of results which are indexed in search engine’s database. Research shows that almost 90% of the users on Google don’t go to the second page of results, and Google owns almost 97% of internet. So you can imagine how bad it is to rank on second page. If you need to increase your business you must be visible on first page, but here at Orion social we focus on bringing your business in top three searches of the search engine result page.

While searching a content users fill keywords in search engines database, and using these keywords search engine’s algorithm display pages related to the content user is searching for. SEO is simply a technique to rank your webpage on top of the search engine database.

Since SEO is an organic way to bring your webpage on top of the list, but it takes a bit of time and efforts. SEO can be done in 3 ways:

  • ON-PAGE SEO:  

Onpage, SEO consists of all the activities done within the boundaries of your webpage or website.


All the activities which are done beyond the boundaries of you website is considered as offpage SEO. The most important technique used in this process is link building and We will discuss later what link building means.

  • LOCAL SEO:  

It is simply the process of integrating your location on your web page.

Now let us know the basic elements of SEO. It consists of 3 components:

  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Content

       Let us know what does these terms actually mean,

  1. Keywords:

 Keywords are generally the queries which a user or customer types or searches in a particular search engine. The most primary thing a search engine’s algorithm work on depends on keywords. We will discuss keywords later on. It’s just an overview to let you know things a bit understandable.

  • Backlinks:

Backlinks are the links which directs to your webpage. It can be of two types:

  • Inbound Link: If someone is referring to your webpage, then it is an inbound link.
  • Outbound link: If you refer someone’s webpage or you give hyperlink on your webpage for some other webpage

We can generate both types of link using different techniques which we will discuss in another blog.

Currently let us know types of link building. There are three types of link building -:

  • One way link building:

In this type of link building a particular link directs to your page or you refer someone’s webpage for a particular content. For example,

A  ————->  B

  • Two way link building:

                                         In this type of link building technique two webpages give link to each other. But this type of link building is not approved by google because google assumes link building to be a natural process. For example,

A  <————->  B

  • Three way link building:

                                           In this type of link building technique three parties are involved to give backlinks to each other via one way link building. For example,

                                   A —–> B—–> C—–> A

  • Content:

Content is the king we all know that. How good and relevant is your content. The quality and quantity both matters a lot.

Here are some SEO tools you can use to initialize your optimization process:-

  • Google pagespeed insights:

Using this tool we can test the speed and performance of your web url for both desktop and mobile.


This tool helps you out in finding a handful of keywords based on a single keyword.

  • Google Analytics

It can help you in tracking complete web stats and search insights.

  • Google search console & Bing webmaster tool

These webmasters tool help you to lookout for any bugs, alerts and indexing issues.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs backlink checker helps to show you the top 100 backlinks of a website.

  • Google Keyword Planner tool

This google tool will help you in all sorts of guide to your keyword strategy be it monthly search volume, competition and even suggested terms.

  • SERP Simulator

It shows a preview of your meta title and description in search results before you publish your web page.

  • SimilarWeb

By using this tool you can see a breakdown of traffic sources, locations and competitors.

  • XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps help you create a sitemap that you can upload to google search console and webmaster tool.

  • Smallseotools

Smallseotools help you check quality of your content i.e plagiarism and grammar etc.

If you have read the full arcticle, you must have understood the importance of Search Engine optimization. This was the basic breakdown of SEO. Later in another blogs get to know the other techniques and process of optimizing your page and Keyword research process.