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November 3, 2020
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Domain Registration For Great Search Engine Ranking


Domain Registration For Great Search Engine Ranking

A solid keyword domain name is the key to build a strong presence and making the resources of the Internet more reachable. With a big name, it’s always easy to reach new and existing clients. Therefore, several companies are ready to spend a large amount of money to get hold of and promote a good keyword-rich domain name.

Choosing a keyword domain name can be important to the success of a website. To take advantage of search engine traffic, people choose the keyword domain. By selecting a domain that is equivalent to a keyword search, websites can rank higher for targeted keywords and thus benefit from added traffic and more potential clients. Whether to opt for a brandable domain or a keyword domain is a choice one must make following their business plan.

Follow these simple rules to maximize the profit of a keyword domain, accomplish success in directory submissions, and enhance site keyword density:


Order the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in such a manner that more important keywords are listed before those that are less vital. For example, if the target keyword is “money” then money-online would be much effectual than online-money.


  1. A majority of studies confirm that many people use two words or more in a search; as a result phrases are very useful.
  2. Always attach to two-three keywords, with hyphens in between.
  3. A lengthy, complex URL is more likely to be refused by directory editors’ sites from which one would like to receive links.

Correct English and Must Make Sense

  1. To execute directory submissions and link demand campaigns, the URL should be grammatically right.
  2. When examined by an editor, “” might sound like a less-Faithful resource while “” sounds more justifiable and is less likely to be questioned.

Put together “power words”

To create a distinctive domain name that is still available, one way is to add another less significant word to the mix. A few examples add: now, top, just, goto, pro, guide, online and find, etc.

Avoid using the most popular keyword phrases

There is fast competition for keywords in the marketplace, so stay away from the most popular keyword phrases. It is impractical to think that a new web could rank number one on a popular phrase like “Shop Online”. Some well-known companies who have been on the Internet for a few years will have a big advantage of link popularity and click popularity.

Try to register a .com domain

Always use “.com”. In case it is a business web, avoid using domains ending with “or “org”. At once, one can consider registering a “.net” domain, but as most people are familiar with “.com”, it is great to stick to convention.

In addition to the above, an understanding of the domain name system (DNS) is too vital while choosing a domain name. The DNS is set up to do regular words map to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. To connect all computers on the Internet, an IP address is a use by networks. A domain name can be up to sixty-three characters, include letters, numbers, or the dash symbol. For example, in the world of computer networking, the web address becomes the IP address However, the domain name that people around the world use when looking for Web sites or sending an e-mail.

Finally, it is very vital to choose a keyword phrase very carefully. That Considered one of the most critical decisions one will make about the success or failure of a website. One must identify the exact phrase that searchers will use to find a web. The more targeted the campaign is, the more growth in sales achieved.

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