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March 4, 2019
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Difference between Email Marketing and Email Automation, and how marketers can benefit from it…

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According to the survey, Globally there are almost 3.8 billion email users. Not only this, it is predicted that these numbers will jump to 4.4 billion by the year 2023.

These numbers are more than enough to demonstrate how Email marketing can work surprisingly for you as a marketer if you establish it in an optimized way.

However, what can contemplate with email marketing strategies is email automation. This is the reason why 25% of Email marketers are already implementing email automation. Indeed, almost 50% of email marketers are focusing on ideas to improve their automated email campaigns.

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So, it is not a mistake if we say both email marketing and email automation go together hand in hand. In other words, you must blend up both of these strategies to thrive over your competitors and be successfull  in long span of business. Although email marketing can assist you with huge reach to customer database, email automation van help you out with the relevancy of that reach.

However, before you edge forward with these two, you must go through insights of these two. Are these email marking and email automation strategies is similar or is there any difference? The key lies in the fact that email marketing can help you track only those actions that have occured through emails.

On the other hand, eamil automation helps you track of every action that your leads or customer has with your business. Thus, both of these strategies are entirely distinctive in their work approach.

1.Racking up of Leads

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With help of email marketing, you have limited information about your leads. Email marketing tools can only distillate the information that you have provided.  In other words, email marketing cannot provide you deep insights about you leads. However, in the case of email automation the scenario is quite different. It collects extended data based on the behavioural pattern of your customer.  It doesn’t only benefit you in identifying the leads eith the highest conversion probability but, also helps you in optimizing your camapign according to the reqirements and preferences of the customer. Overall, if you have a widen sales cycle, lead scoring with automated email marketing is worth the efforts.

2.Analytical and Behavioral tracking

Email Marketing

While the data collection platform in email marketing is restricted just to email camaign, email automation has a broad varities of data collection. For example, an email marketing campaign gives the details about the open rate of your email. Also, you will get an insight into the links a client opened, moreover with the frequency of opening it. In short, it will assist you acquire of the proportion of customers that got involved/not attached your email campaign.

On the other hand, email automation goes a step ahead and helps in tracking data through each and every platform they interact with. It gives you a clear view of insights of the customer’s journey through sales funnel. Thus, resulting in designing a more intended email campaign strategy.

3.Time Management and investment

Email Marketing

 It is obvious that planning an in-class email campaign strategy requires a lot of time and effort. Right from organizing emails and demarcation to keeping track of analytics, there are a lot of more aspects to take care of.

In addition, after an email campaign is built, emails are forwarded to all the customers on the list. Though different segments make the content influential and consistent for customers, it lacks the ability to be exactly relevant like email automation. It doesn’t mean that marketing automation doesn’t require any time or effort, but it is useful to put all the hard work and effort into marketing automation. It is obvious that you need to do all that you did during your email marketing campaign i.e. planning the campaign and list segmentation.

However, the difference lies in the fact that automated email strategies serve you with more choices to give your best. Drip campaigns let you schedule emails which are forwarded automatically to customers to bring campaigns that send follow-up emails based on the interaction of the customer with your messages, an automated email campaign can handle it all.

4.Revenue Computation

Email marketing

With email marketing, you will not be able to calculate your revenues. You can only make predictions about it.

For instance- whenever you send an email to a customer, you can keep a watch over the actions customer has done i.e whether the customer has opened the mail and clicked the link in the mail. However, if a customer opens an email and makes a purchase, email marketing is not able to tell if the purchase was made through the mail.

In other words, it is very difficult to calculate ROI in the email marketing process. But email automation is very much different from email marketing. It allows you to keep track of the full journey of a customer, it gives you the power to know the exact way a customer purchased.  

Last but not least, the points discussed above are the basic difference between email marketing and email automation. However, both have their shares of dominance and can help in a great way to create connections and making conversation. So, the choice is yours. Go with the one that best suits your business’s goals and achievements.

In short, email marketing is best for you if you have limited sales cycle without much attention requirement. But if you are looking to expand and are inclined to nurture your leads according to their engagement, email automation strategy is all you need.

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